Social Street Circus

The Social Street Circus (SSC) was an initiative launched by the non-profit association Aim High (‘Mierz Wysoko’) as a pilot action to a larger project – a club for the youth in Brzeska street, an

We Targówek

The project ‘We Targówek’ is one of five initiatives carried out in the districts of right Vistula bank Warsaw in the framework of the programme Local Systems of Support introduced in 2013 and is aimed

The Warsaw Forum of Entrepreneurship

The main aim of the project is cross-linking entrepreneurs, in order to exchange information and learn from each other. Although the project’s activity is clearly focused on supporting entrepreneurship, according to the project concept, the

Neighbourhood Libraries

The idea of creating a neighbourhood library was developed during a survey conducted in 2012 by the local authorities, in which the residents of Praga were asked about their needs and expectations related to their

Praga Speaking WAW. PL

PRAGA SPEAKING.WAW.PL is yet another example of an NGOs’ consortium-based governance arrangement carried out in the framework of the Local Systems of Support within the programme ‘Family for the years 2010-2020’. The City of Warsaw

Social mobility for the homeless

A common practice of the non-profit protestant charitable Salvation Army is, first, examining the legal framework related to social support in a given country and, subsequently, finding a way to overcome the system’s weaknesses. Specifically,

Days of Michałów and Szmulowizna

Days of Michałów and Szmulowizna is a cyclical 1-2 days event organised by the Praga Resident’s Association Michałów (PSM), a non-profit local organisation established in 2008 by a group of neighbours. The initiative is one

Open Door

The main objective of the non-profit initiative for disabled and excluded carried out by the association Open Door is to combat social exclusion and marginalisation of people affected by a difficult life situation, aimed at

According to the Senior

The Foundation “Zaczyn” was established in Poznan in 2011. At the beginning the profile of its activities was not clearly defined, the main idea, however, was to change and improve social policy in Poland. In

Job Centre for the Youth

Voluntary Labour Corps is a state budgetary unit supervised by the relevant Minister for Labour, performing tasks described in the Act on Labour Market Units and Promotion of Employment, specialised in actions for the benefit

Praga Women’s Evenings

The project Praga Women’s Evenings was a private, commercial initiative developed on the basis of cooperation of the arts cinema ‘Praha’ with the non-profit foundation ‘Generator’, the latter’s activities focussing on ‘cinema therapy’ – a