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Beyond Residential Segregation
Bart Wissink, Tim Schwanen and Ronald Van Kempen, CITIES journal, August 2016

The Global Financial Crisis and Neighborhood Decline
Merle Zwiers, Gideon Bolt, Maarten van Ham and Ronald Van Kempen, Urban Geography

Neighborhood Decline and the Economic Crisis: An Introduction
Ronald van Kempen, Gideon Bolt and Maarten van Ham, Urban Geography

Settling Outside Gateways: The State of the Art, and the Issues at Stakes
Eduardo Barberis and Emmanuele Pavolini, Sociologica, 2/2015

Creating ‘Space for Diversity’ from ‘Spaces of Modernity’: The case of the Jane-Finch Neighbourhood
Tuna Taşan-Kok, Associate Professor, Geo-information and Land Development, TU Delft

Is there such a thing as an urban “diversity dividend”?
Mike Raco, Professor of Urban Governance and Development at University College London

Between Places and Flows: Towards a New Agenda for Neighbourhood Research in an Age of Mobility
Ronald van Kempen and Bart Wissink