Opsinjoren gives neighbours who want to organise a neighbourhood activity financial and organisational support. To counter the widespread negative discourse about the city, the organisers of the initiative wanted to do something positive by showing

Sunday Immigrants’ School

Sunday Immigrant’s School (SIS) fosters social mobility as its main initiative is to provide migrants Greek lessons so that they can better integrate and climb the social ladder in the Greek society. Through its activities,

Google Ground

Google Ground is an education and community centre for small and medium sized enterprises, start-ups as well as students. It is located in a cultural and entertaining complex called “GRUND” which is situated in the

Residents’ Project Bispebjerg

‘Residents’ Project Bispebjerg’ is one of three master plans for community regeneration currently running in Bispebjerg. The community regeneration master plans ‘boligsociale helhedsplaner’ are nation-wide arrangements. The goal is to create a positive development on

ASAM Istanbul Initiative

This initiative aims to provide support to asylum seekers from Syria. The Istanbul Initiative works as a partner of the national ASAM (Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants), organisation, which is concerned with

Initiative for Human Dignity

The primary goal of the Initiative for Human Dignity (Initiativkreis Menschenwürdig – IKMW) is to support asylum seekers in Leipzig by lobbying for small scale, decentralised accommodation in the city. The main claim of the

Haringey Play Streets

Haringey Play Streets offers local residents of Haringey the opportunity to pedestrianise their street for up to 3 hours per week, fortnight or month during the daylight hours by applying to the local authority for

G.Lab – Citizenship Laboratory

G.Lab – where ‘G’ stands for Generations and refers to new generations from an immigrant background – was an information and guidance desk and a project lab. G.Lab has been opened by the Municipality of
The Neighbourhood Cooperation

The Neighbourhood Cooperation

The Neighbourhood Cooperation is a network organisation of and for entrepreneurs in the disadvantaged Afrikaander neighbourhood in Feijenoord that aims to stimulate local entre­preneurship and employment. It was founded in November 2013 as a long-term,
Edible City

Edible City I

“Edible City I” (EdC) aims to improve social cohesion through creating places of encounter for a diverse set of people such as young families, students, seniors and eco-fanatics with a common interest of growing food

Black Creek Farm

The Black Creek Community Farm (BCCF) is a community-based urban farming project located on a seven-acre site. The site is situated on Toronto Conservation Region Authority (TRCA) land at the northern border of the community

Social Street Circus

The Social Street Circus (SSC) was an initiative launched by the non-profit association Aim High (‘Mierz Wysoko’) as a pilot action to a larger project – a club for the youth in Brzeska street, an
Laureus StreetSoccer

Laureus Street Soccer

In Switzerland, the access to sports clubs and other hobby clubs is often hampered for foreign children and teenagers due to structural and individual reasons. This situation is unfortunate since club structures usually enhance integration

Let’s Go Urban!

Let’s Go Urban! (LGU) is a socio-cultural project that offers youngsters between 6 and 30 years old a yearlong training programme in urban dance, sports, music and choir in the cities of Antwerp, Boom and

European Village

The European Village is a non-governmental organisation, functioning as a non-profit organisation, whose aim is to foster societal (non-profit) solidarity economy, bio-cultivation, moral consumption patterns and alternative models of living in eco-communities. The initiative was