Opsinjoren gives neighbours who want to organise a neighbourhood activity financial and organisational support. To counter the widespread negative discourse about the city, the organisers of the initiative wanted to do something positive by showing

Residents’ Project Bispebjerg

‘Residents’ Project Bispebjerg’ is one of three master plans for community regeneration currently running in Bispebjerg. The community regeneration master plans ‘boligsociale helhedsplaner’ are nation-wide arrangements. The goal is to create a positive development on

ASAM Istanbul Initiative

This initiative aims to provide support to asylum seekers from Syria. The Istanbul Initiative works as a partner of the national ASAM (Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants), organisation, which is concerned with

Initiative for Human Dignity

The primary goal of the Initiative for Human Dignity (Initiativkreis Menschenwürdig – IKMW) is to support asylum seekers in Leipzig by lobbying for small scale, decentralised accommodation in the city. The main claim of the

Haringey Play Streets

Haringey Play Streets offers local residents of Haringey the opportunity to pedestrianise their street for up to 3 hours per week, fortnight or month during the daylight hours by applying to the local authority for

G.Lab – Citizenship Laboratory

G.Lab – where ‘G’ stands for Generations and refers to new generations from an immigrant background – was an information and guidance desk and a project lab. G.Lab has been opened by the Municipality of
Edible City

Edible City I

“Edible City I” (EdC) aims to improve social cohesion through creating places of encounter for a diverse set of people such as young families, students, seniors and eco-fanatics with a common interest of growing food

Black Creek Farm

The Black Creek Community Farm (BCCF) is a community-based urban farming project located on a seven-acre site. The site is situated on Toronto Conservation Region Authority (TRCA) land at the northern border of the community

Social Street Circus

The Social Street Circus (SSC) was an initiative launched by the non-profit association Aim High (‘Mierz Wysoko’) as a pilot action to a larger project – a club for the youth in Brzeska street, an
Migration Roundtable

Budapest Migration Roundtable

The Budapest Migration Roundtable was a city-wide initiative launched by the Municipality of Budapest as a consultation platform in 2012 and had a one-year duration. Its primary objective was to increase the inclusion and integration

Vacant Lot

The Vacant Lot project appropriated and occupied vacant and neglected spaces on hard-standing surfaces or grassed areas surrounding deprived inner city housing estates in London and redeveloped them into community gardens and allotments. The spaces

Peoples’ Orchestra “Vittorio Baldoni”

Peoples’ Orchestra ‘Vittorio Baldoni” (PO) is an orchestra made up by children and teens from a minority background and Conservatory students. It started from a Memorandum of Understanding between The Charity House Foundation and the
Social Cafe

Social Cafés

Social Cafés are places mixing social services and conviviality for ageing migrants: they can come and talk with social workers about their rights and access to welfare (pensions, social housing and healthcare). Social Cafés are

Aging at Home

Aging at home is a seniors’ programme within the JFCFC being delivered through weekly group sessions. The initiative was founded by the Ministry of Health through Local Health Integrated Networks[1] (LHINs) in 2009 and is