Assets of urban diversity

The Assets of Urban Diversity

Our latest and final Policy Brief titled The Assets of Urban Diversity is now available. You can read the abstract and download the full document below or view all of our Policy Briefs on our

Diversity and social cohesion

Diversity and social cohesion: the case of Jane-Finch, a highly diverse lower-income Toronto neighbourhood is the title of Donya Ahmadi’s article published in the Urban Research & Practice journal. The abstract is below and the

Museum of Praga Talk

The Warsaw team will speak next week at the Museum of Praga (in Polish) about the results of their research in the district of Praga. Ewa Olejniczak Korcelli and Filip Piotrowski, both from the Institute

Newsletter 12

Our final newsletter is out now. In it our Scientific Steering Committee talks DIVERCITIES, Gideon Bolt provides a summary of the project, we round up both the recent Governing Urban Diversity Conference in Rotterdam and

Lead Researchers on DIVERCITIES

As the DIVERCITIES Research project draws to a conclusion this week, three lead researchers give their perspective on the experience and what the future holds: Gideon Bolt, Utrecht University It has been a pleasure to
governing urban diversity policy brief 6

New Policy Brief

Governing Urban Diversity: What can policymakers and civil society learn from DIVERCITIES? is the the title of our latest Policy Brief. It is available to download now. This policy brief concerning Governing Urban Diversity describes

A Big Danish Publication

The Copenhagen team has been at work over the autumn on a major DIVERCITIES publication in Danish. The book is aimed at policymakers and governance officials in municipalities as well as enterprises and organisations interested

Housing Research Seminar 2016

At the beginning of December the Danish Building Research Institute and DIVERCITIES invited all Danish housing researchers to the Housing Research Seminar. The overall theme was diversity in urban areas, in the suburbs and in

Beyond Residential Segregation

The latest issue of CITIES journal was guest edited by Bart Wissink, Tim Schwanen and DIVERCITIES Founding Investigator Ronald van Kempen, to whom the issue is in memory of. The issue argues that, “while the
Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen

Rikke Interviewed in Berlingske

DIVERCITIES researcher Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen was recently interviewed in the Berlingske, a major national newspaper in Denmark, about our Copenhagen case study area Bispebjerg. The article focussed on the positive branding of diversity, along with