Diversity Mini-Festival

As part of our conference programme we staged the Diversity Mini-Festival on Thursday 9 February 2017 following a full day of presentations at the DIVERCITIES: Governing Urban Diversity Conference. The Mini-Festival showcased the work of initiatives from the Feijenoord district in Rotterdam in a friendly environment complete with drinks, live music and a diverse range of delicious treats.

The participants are listed below and you can see images from Diversity Mini-Festival on our blog.


NIFFO is a gallery space in Rotterdam South. They’ll be presenting an exhibition on the theme of diversity for our Governing Urban Diversity conference. We’re looking forward to seeing their show with artists from the Rotterdam research area.

Website: niffo.nl

Wijkatelier op Zuid

Translating as Neighbourhood Workshop, Wijkatelier is a place for residents and designers from the Afrikaanderwijk to come together to share their knowledge of various textiles skills. The Wijkatelier team will be presenting some of their work for us at the conference.

Website: wijkatelieropzuid.nl

H.E.L.D.E.R.H.E.ID. / B.R.I.G.H.T.N.E.S.S.

H.E.L.D.E.R.H.E.I.D. means Hoor Elke Les Die Een Reden Heeft En Ignoreer Dwaasheid in Dutch translating to B.R.I.G.H.T.N.E.S.S. in English meaning Learn Every Lesson That Has A Reason And Ignore Foolishness. The initiative is a Feijenoord-based movement of young people who encourage youth in Rotterdam South to develop their talents and participate in society through education and work. It is a platform for local youth to raise their voice and to share experiences. They’ll be performing for us at the conference. You can read more about Helderheid here.

Website: Helderheid

Gustave Nouel

Gustave Nouel is a designer and specialist in the art of painting. He is also a performance visual artist who appears at special occasions. His art is considered to have a creative bridging-function. He works and lives both in the Netherlands and Aruba. We got to know Gustave Nouel via our research area, Feijenoord, where he regularly collaborates with local initiatives such as Niffo. We invited Gustave to perform as a caricature portraitist at the Governing Urban Diversity conference Mini Festival. You can have your portrait drawn by this incredibly friendly and talented artist.

Website: gustavenouel.com

The Seed

Rotterdam-based The Seed is a young urban foundation with a clear social profile. It aims to provide creative stimulation, growth and development to youth in deprived neighbourhoods, on both a personal and community level. They do it via events, creative guidance, personal development, workshops and coaching.

The Seed stimulates creative youth from a range of backgrounds and experiences acroos teh performing arts, theatre, music, visual arts and poetry. Together they coordinate events to showcase their work and bring communities together.

For the DIVERCITIES Mini-Festival, The Seed will present a shortened version of their most recent Spoken World project that combines art, spoken word, poetry, comedy and music. Every edition includes an exhibition by a local artist. The performers use a canvas as inspiration using it as the basis of their performance. Audiences are engaged via captivating poetry, pulsating rhythms, bridge-building comedy and stunning Visuals.

Website: The SeedFacebook
















At the Divercities Festival, visitors can expect an exhibtion of the engaging works from the

talented Sai Rodriquez. Accompanied with the art exhibtion, you have the chance to listen to our local singer-song writer Kaoutar Gadir who will be accompanied with Amanda Almeida.





Throughout the festival there will also be chances to encounter the spoken-word poets who will be performing from among the crowd. Their pieces, thought-provoking and confronting, hilarious and uplifting, will not only be heard, but seen on their

bodies. They won’t be hard to miss!



Website:               the-seed.nl

Email:                     info@the-seed.nl

Facebook:            https://www.facebook.com/besprokenwereld/   and https://www.facebook.com/theseedvision/?fref=ts