Ronald van Kempen



Not only have we have lost a good friend in Ronald van Kempen, but also a stimulating, clear and direct team leader who was a bright light in diversity and inequality research. Ronald was an active participant at both national and international conferences with organisers delighted to have him as a keynote speaker. He was always welcome at social events too. Ronald was the founding Coordinator of  DIVERCITIES, a project that has significantly broadened our knowledge on diversity in cities, as well as providing us with an exceptionally stimulating, professional and warm network of researchers across Europe. It is very sad to have to complete this research project without his presence. We will miss Ronald, not only as an integral part of the project, but also as a committed scientist and supportive colleague who strived for excellence and greatly inspired and motivated us in our work.

Remembering Ronald van Kempen

Interview with Ronald at the beginning of the DIVERCITIES project

Young Divercities conference organised by Ronald


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