Governing Urban Diversity Conference

Creating social cohesion, social mobility and economic performance in today’s hyper-diversified cities


The concluding conference for the EU FP7-funded DIVERCITIES research project presented detailed findings from the study, and how they relate to existing knowledge and practice. The conference programme comprised a range of formal scientific presentations through to interactive workshops led by our researchers. It was designed to create a dialogue between academic researchers, policy-makers and practitioners and to act as a platform for the dissemination of new findings and concepts on the theme of diversity in contemporary European cities. It considered how urban diversity can positively affect social cohesion, social mobility and economic performance in cities and how the right balance of governance arrangements can be used to tap the full potential of diversity’s substantial assets for specific urban groups, for areas within cities, and for cities and metropolitan areas as a whole.

The DIVERCITIES project has undertaken significant research in 14 cities over a four year period at a time when European cities are becoming more diverse than ever before. Growing levels of immigration, socio-economic inequalities, spatial segregation, and a diversity of identities, activities, mobilities and lifestyles pose significant challenges and present opportunities for urban policy-makers and institutions. Through the dissemination of our research findings, we provide recommendations for policy-makers on how to create cohesive, liveable and harmonious urban neighbourhoods, inspire innovation and creativity, and stimulate local and national economies to give European cities a more competitive edge.

The conference comprised a mix of keynote addresses by leading scholars along with interactive workshops. Contributions came from a wide range of stakeholders leading projects in various cities: school teachers, neighbourhood workers, and community planners. It provided policy-makers with concrete and constructive recommendations for innovative and participatory policy initiatives with the key aim of making urban diversity work positively.

International by nature, the public conference focused on the positive elements of urban diversity through a programme of science, art, music and fashion.

The conference was held at:
De Doelen
Willem Burger Complex
Kruisplein, 40
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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