Residents’ Project Bispebjerg

‘Residents’ Project Bispebjerg’ is one of three master plans for community regeneration currently running in Bispebjerg. The community regeneration master plans ‘boligsociale helhedsplaner’ are nation-wide arrangements. The goal is to create a positive development on

Lab 2400

At a time, when education is perceived as the key to success, young people who are socially and economically marginalised and have a long history of bad experiences with the education system can find it

Glad Foundation

The Glad Foundation has two overarching goals: Enhancing the inclusion of people with learning disabilities into society and providing meaningful education and occupation for this group. The foundation is a social enterprise, and improving economic

Bispebjerg Club Guides

Denmark has a comprehensive for associational activities (including sports clubs, cultural associations, etc.) and being a part of this is a core element in Danish civil society, especially for children. The goal of the organisation


Many ethnic minority women in Denmark lead somewhat isolated lives: often they have limited Danish language skills, limited social networks and limited knowledge of Danish society. Often, they spend their days home alone with their

DesignLab Råstof

The goal of DesignLab Råstof is to provide a breeding ground for high-quality design production, thus increasing the economic performance of companies of this type. According to the founders of DesignLab, designers and artisans constitute

Fuglekvarteret Market Day

The Market Day in Fuglekvarteret (a neighbourhood within Bispebjerg) is an annual one-day market in June hosted by the master plan for community regeneration called Residents’ Project PULSE. The day offers market stands (free of

Young 2400

The goal of Young 2400 is to increase the social mobility of youngsters of ethnic minority background. This group of youngsters often find it difficult to navigate in the Danish society while staying true to

Danish Supermarket Group

The goal of Danish Supermarket Group Ltd. regarding recruitment and retention of employees is “getting the right people in the right positions” as the HR partner puts it. Diversity is a key concept for this: