Alucra Development and Education Foundation

Economic growth and industrialisation policies resulted in rapid urbanisation and rural-urban migration in Turkey between 1950 and 1980. The period saw many people from less-developed regions move to the country’s metropolitan areas, especially Istanbul. Alucra,

Forum Leipzig East

The Forum Leipziger Osten (FLE) was established in 2000 as a discussion and exchange platform accompanying the restructuring process in Leipzig’s inner east. Its normative approach is to be a public meeting point for all

Our Tottenham Network

Our Tottenham (hereafter referred to as the OT network) is a network of community organisations, residents associations and campaigns from the Tottenham area. This action network was set up to spread co-operation and solidarity throughout
About Niguarda

About Niguarda

About Niguarda (AN) is an area-based project of community development and community animation. Funded within a competitive call issued by Cariplo Foundation, aimed at ‘building and strengthening bonds in local communities’, it lasts between May
Le Cinq Initiative

The 5 Initiative

The 5 is a cultural initiative within the larger artistic centre of the 104 that develops audience outreach in the neighbourhoods of the 19th and 18th district[1]. It consists in offering spaces for artistic practices
Russian Cultural Centre

Russian Cultural Centre

Russian Cultural Centre (RCC) contributes to social inclusion by managing Tallinn’s resident’s cultural and recreational activities, organising and providing leisure spending possibilities, sustaining and developing of folk culture. Located on the border of the City

Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty

Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) is a grass-roots action group, which consists of community residents and members from different organisations in the Jane-Finch area. The group was formed in October of 2008 following
Maxim Theatre Anna Janson

MAXIM Theatre

The MAXIM Theatre was founded in 2006 as a space for communication between residents and immigrants, between actors and amateur actors, and between spectators and performers. The theatre brings together about 150 persons from more

Roma People Platform

Roma People Platform is one of the main ethnicity-based, human rights platforms in Turkey. Since 2012, the platform has been working on the behalf of Roma people who have been regarded as a minority group

Godparent Programme for Asylum Seekers

The Godparent Programme for Asylum Seekers Arriving in Leipzig (Ankommen in Leipzig) started on 14 February 2014 in cooperation with the administration and the Refugees council (RC), a civic association. The primary goal is to
Neighbourhood Maintenance

Neighbourhood Maintenance Corporation

The Neighbourhood Maintenance Corporation (Régie de quartier) of the 19th district was created in 2003. It consists in creating jobs in maintenance services (cleaning and gardening) in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Its objective is twofold: creating jobs

Cultural Centre ‘Salme’

Cultural Centre ‘Salme’ (CC ‘Salme’) focuses on social cohesion by providing on-demand venues for cultural activities, for example, traditional dance groups for children, middle aged and elderly, amateur theatre, choirs and belly dancing. CC ‘Salme’

Praga Women’s Evenings

The project Praga Women’s Evenings was a private, commercial initiative developed on the basis of cooperation of the arts cinema ‘Praha’ with the non-profit foundation ‘Generator’, the latter’s activities focussing on ‘cinema therapy’ – a