Different from initiatives and arrangements targeting social cohesion and mobility, the initiatives described in the following section have a common history and belong to common funding and project structures, the EastWORKS (ostWERK). The most innovative

Cenni Changes

Cenni Changes (CC) is a project of urban regeneration that keeps together two sides: architectural and social. The initiative started with an international competition announcement, promoted by the Social Housing Foundation (SHF), to select the
Seaplane Harbour

Seaplane Harbour

Seaplane Harbour is a national Maritime Museum. It can be considered as a flagship project of Northern Tallinn planted within a formerly neglected, and both socially and physically rundown area. It thus positively contributes to

Women Moving Forward

Women Moving Forward (WMF) is an initiative within the JFCFC. In 2005, the Jane-Finch Community and Family Centre established WMF. The real drive behind this initiative came from some of the previous experiences the community

The Warsaw Forum of Entrepreneurship

The main aim of the project is cross-linking entrepreneurs, in order to exchange information and learn from each other. Although the project’s activity is clearly focused on supporting entrepreneurship, according to the project concept, the

Base Camp

The Base Camp is a container settlement that provides space for small-scale factories and companies of the creative industries. It was established in 2009 as a low-threshold structure in order to counteract the continuing renewal


Language*eaR (Taal*Oor)is a conversation group in which volunteers who speak Dutch and migrant newcomers who want to improve their language skills talk together in a group. The three purposes of Language*eaR are: to develop a

Neighbourhood Treasures

The primary purpose of Neighbourhood Treasures (Buurtschatten) is to bring people together on the basis of what they can do, realise and experience together. Neighbours propose activities themselves and Neighbourhood Treasures gives them the financial

Reactivate Athens/101 Ideas

Reactivate Athens / 101 Ideas is a research project directed by RA Lab, a joint collaboration of Zurich-based ETH Professors of Architecture Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumper with Greek experts from social geography, architecture and


There is a renaissance of establishing alternative and temporary community spaces in unused inner city properties in Budapest, for example ruin bars (Lugosi et al., 2010) or community gardens. One of the best examples of

Bispebjerg Club Guides

Denmark has a comprehensive for associational activities (including sports clubs, cultural associations, etc.) and being a part of this is a core element in Danish civil society, especially for children. The goal of the organisation

Women’s Solidarity Foundation

Following the earthquake of 17 August 1999 in Marmara, the Women’s Solidarity Foundation (WSF) was initiated by a group of volunteers in order to create solidarity among women who had been affected by the disaster.