Migration Roundtable

Budapest Migration Roundtable

The Budapest Migration Roundtable was a city-wide initiative launched by the Municipality of Budapest as a consultation platform in 2012 and had a one-year duration. Its primary objective was to increase the inclusion and integration

Lab 2400

At a time, when education is perceived as the key to success, young people who are socially and economically marginalised and have a long history of bad experiences with the education system can find it

Tarlabaşı Community Centre

The Tarlabaşı Community Centre (TTM) was initiated as a project by the Istanbul Bilgi University Centre for Migration Research in September 2006, aimed at developing a model for social coalescence and multicultural coexistence, fostering participation

Working Committee Youth

The Working Committee Youth (AK Jugend) is an area-based network of professionals engaged in street work with deprived teenagers in the large housing estate Leipzig Grünau and thus aims at strengthening both social cohesion and

Vacant Lot

The Vacant Lot project appropriated and occupied vacant and neglected spaces on hard-standing surfaces or grassed areas surrounding deprived inner city housing estates in London and redeveloped them into community gardens and allotments. The spaces

Peoples’ Orchestra “Vittorio Baldoni”

Peoples’ Orchestra ‘Vittorio Baldoni” (PO) is an orchestra made up by children and teens from a minority background and Conservatory students. It started from a Memorandum of Understanding between The Charity House Foundation and the
Social Cafe

Social Cafés

Social Cafés are places mixing social services and conviviality for ageing migrants: they can come and talk with social workers about their rights and access to welfare (pensions, social housing and healthcare). Social Cafés are
Bloemhof Primary School

Primary School Bloemhof

Bloemhof is a primary school in the disadvantaged district of Feijenoord in Rotterdam. It provides primary education for approximately 350 children aged between 4 and 12 years old. The school is aimed at, and majorly
Bethels Pastoral Care

Bethel’s Centre of Pastoral Care

Bethel’s Centre of Pastoral Care (BCPC), part of the Bethel Congregation, aims to promote social mobility by addressing its activities to socially vulnerable children and youth. The Congregation was founded in 1927 and re-established after

Aging at Home

Aging at home is a seniors’ programme within the JFCFC being delivered through weekly group sessions. The initiative was founded by the Ministry of Health through Local Health Integrated Networks[1] (LHINs) in 2009 and is

We Targówek

The project ‘We Targówek’ is one of five initiatives carried out in the districts of right Vistula bank Warsaw in the framework of the programme Local Systems of Support introduced in 2013 and is aimed


Fit4Work is the core programme of an association named ‘platform networking for jobs’ that focuses on the integration of well-educated migrants into the labour market. The target audience are persons with an academic background –


BorgerRio is a multicultural street festival organised every year at the Turnhoutsebaan, one of the busiest traffic lanes in the ethnically diverse Borgerhout district. During the event, the motorised traffic in the street is halted

Solidarity for All

‘Solidarity for all’ is an organisation seeking to foster networking amongst the various social solidarity structures, which exist currently in Greece. By putting in contact independent solidarity structures, which promote alternative productive methods, health, educational


The so-called LÉLEK is a communal programme aimed at securing residence, improving living conditions, providing psychological aid and establishing a livelihood for homeless people (the word ’lélek’ means ‘soul’ in English). The programme was initiated

Glad Foundation

The Glad Foundation has two overarching goals: Enhancing the inclusion of people with learning disabilities into society and providing meaningful education and occupation for this group. The foundation is a social enterprise, and improving economic