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Rotterdam Excursions, Wednesday afternoon

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Workshop Sessions

SESSION A: Thursday 9 February 13.30-15.00
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A1: Defining Diversity: How Useful is the Term?A2: Diversity and social inequality in urban policiesA3: Diversity, entrepreneurship and social cohesionA4: Differing discourses on diversity between the public and the private sphereA5: Growing intolerance in Europe: how can we deal with that?A6: Diverse neighbourhoods in the classroom (educational project)

SESSION B: Thursday 9 February 15.30-17.00
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B1: Progressive Cities?B2: Diversity, residential composition and gentrificationB3: Restoring the relations between inhabitants and urban policiesB4: Social solidarityB5: Professions, skills and volunteering. Balancing roles for effective initiatives?B6: The role of hyper-diversified places as seedbeds of new enterprises

SESSION C: Friday 10 February 13.00-14.30
Please choose ONE option from session C:

C1: Local authorities vs. NGOs: how can we enhance the positive impact of urban diversity together?C2: Diversity and social capital at the neighborhood levelC3: Hyper-diversity and young peopleC4: Regeneration projects and gentrification processes and diversity in entrepreneurshipC5: Refugee Accommodations, (Dis)connection to the City, and Urban EncountersC6: Hyper-diversity and place-making

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