Museum of Praga Talk

The Warsaw team will speak next week at the Museum of Praga (in Polish) about the results of their research in the district of Praga. Ewa Olejniczak Korcelli and Filip Piotrowski, both from the Institute


Thee area under investigation – Praga Północ is one of eighteen administrative districts in Warsaw. It is characterized by large variations in social and economic status of its inhabitants. It also shows signs of various

Active in Warsaw

The Polish team took the Diverse Cities Educational Programme to the Warsaw Gymanisium School a few months ago and were pleasantly surprised by how it was recieved by students, teachers and the Head of the

Hyper-diversity in the City

Hyper-diversity in the City by Ewa Korcelli-Olejniczak has been published in the Urban Development journal edited by A. Wolaniuk and published by the University of  Łódź. Ewa discusses the meanings, challenges and assets of hyper-diversity

Warsaw Regional Forum

Currently taking place, the Warsaw Regional Forum takes place every two years and is organised by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development,
Praga, Warsaw

Our Praga Guide

A special thank you to Karol Bulski, our host for the Praga field trip in Warsaw. Karol provided a passionate commentary with some intriguing stories from the district.
Kisz Misz

Kisz Misz

Catering at the Governing Social Diversity in Warsaw conference was provided by KISZ MISZ, a cooperative providing opportunities for migrants in Warsaw. People from different cultural backgrounds are encouraged to participate in the community free