Diversity and social cohesion

Diversity and social cohesion: the case of Jane-Finch, a highly diverse lower-income Toronto neighbourhood is the title of Donya Ahmadi’s article published in the Urban Research & Practice journal. The abstract is below and the
Toronto City Book


Unlike many European cities, Toronto takes a positive approach to diversity, as re ected in its o cial slogan: Diversity our Strength. Nonetheless, Toronto’s approach has also been criticized for utilizing diversity as a marketable
Jane and Finch

Second Chances in Toronto

As part of their research, the Toronto team interviewed several entrepreneurs who displayed interesting tendencies in relation to social innovation and creativity. The entrepreneurs ambition was to transform their own personal experiences of disadvantage into

The Canada Project

The Canada Project – Identity, Citizenship, and Nationhood in a Changing World conference coordinated by the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs recently took place in Geneva Park, Orillia in Ontario, which is about 150km north of

Toronto’s Hyper-diversity: Opportunity or Challenge?

Presented by Neighbourhood Change Research Partnerships in collaboration with the University of Toronto and Coach House Books, Toronto’s Hyper-diversity: Opportunity or Challenge? Public Forum took place last night at the Ignatieff Theatre, University of Toronto.

Tiffany Ford

Born and raised in the Jane-Finch community, Tiffany Ford has an authentic perspective of what it means to be labelled as “at-risk” youth. She strives to go beyond the stereotypes and stigma that marginalized people

Happy Home 42

The Toronto team interviewed Cleoni Natacha Crawford as part of their research for Fieldwork Entrepreneurs. Cleoni Natacha provided insight into her various projects, including her first business, C-virtue, a Christian-inspired clothing line for women who
Mr Fresh

Mr Fresh

Mr. Fresh is an entrepreneur and the CEO of his own company, Mr. Fresh World Enterprise Inc.,  developing environmentally friendly air-fresheners. He received the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Identify ‘N Impact Youth

Space for Diversity

Tuna Tasan-Kok’s article Creating ‘Space for Diversity’ from ‘Spaces of Modernity’: The case of the Jane-Finch Neighbourhood was published in the Architecture Research Journal (#1, 2015).