Laureus StreetSoccer

Laureus Street Soccer

In Switzerland, the access to sports clubs and other hobby clubs is often hampered for foreign children and teenagers due to structural and individual reasons. This situation is unfortunate since club structures usually enhance integration


Fit4Work is the core programme of an association named ‘platform networking for jobs’ that focuses on the integration of well-educated migrants into the labour market. The target audience are persons with an academic background –

Base Camp

The Base Camp is a container settlement that provides space for small-scale factories and companies of the creative industries. It was established in 2009 as a low-threshold structure in order to counteract the continuing renewal

Intergalactic Choir

The Intergalactic Choir is a weekly meeting point and provides a friendly environment in order to bring people of totally different cultural backgrounds together. Its target audience are immigrants – especially asylum seekers and migrants

Neighbourly Help District 9

Neighbourly help organisations are to be found in various forms in different districts of the city of Zurich – this initiative therefore constitutes a typical example of a local governance arrangement dealing with diversity. The

Parents Learn German in School

Parents Learn German in School (ELDIS – Eltern lernen Deutsch in der Schule) is a German language course targeting parents of preschool and school children living in the city of Zurich. Besides the German language

Quality in Multicultural Schools

Quality in Multicultural Schools (QUIMS) is a public programme carried out by the canton of Zurich targeting schools with a certain percentage of foreign-language pupils. Its main aims include the advancement of the language abilities,
Maxim Theatre Anna Janson

MAXIM Theatre

The MAXIM Theatre was founded in 2006 as a space for communication between residents and immigrants, between actors and amateur actors, and between spectators and performers. The theatre brings together about 150 persons from more