Leipzig City Book


Among DIVERCITIES’ case studies, Leipzig represents a special case, because it has undergone radical changes after 1990, like other post-socialist cities (Budapest, Warsaw, Tallinn), but these are not institutionally embedded in the reunification with western

Leipzig Rap

Katrin Grossman from Leipzig sent this link to Leipzig (keiner kennt Dich, jeder hypt Dich) by Otto Heppe, Rakete & FFÖ. The final verse mentions Leipzig East, one of the two DIVERCITIES research in Leipzig.
Athens exchange

On Exchange in Athens

Leipzig researcher Katharina Kullman is currently undertaking an Athens exchange and will be working with the EKKE team through to 21 December 2016. Katharina’s Athens exchange tasks include: elaborating on a perspective for institutional landscapes

A taste of Grünau

Grünau is one of our case study areas in Leipzig. Researcher Katrin Großmann has shared with us a new video clip created by the Soziokulturellen Zentrums Die Villa. The cheerful film presents the many faces

Dynamic Change in Leipzig

Over the past 25 years post-socialist era restructuring processes in Leipzig’s Inner East and Grünau neighbourhoods has seen dynamic change as a result of an increasing heterogenization of the residential population. The diversity of the

Diversity and Social Cohesion in Leipzig

Diversity and Social Cohesion in Leipzig is a short film produced by the German team. The film is the result of interviews undertaken in the two research areas, Leipzig East and Grünau, as part of

Pöge House

Pöge HOUSE is a cultural and residential project housed in a former printing and publishing building at Neustädter Markt in the Neustadt-Neuschönefeld district of Leipzig’s Inner East. It has function rooms, studios, offices and the