Google Ground

Google Ground is an education and community centre for small and medium sized enterprises, start-ups as well as students. It is located in a cultural and entertaining complex called “GRUND” which is situated in the
Migration Roundtable

Budapest Migration Roundtable

The Budapest Migration Roundtable was a city-wide initiative launched by the Municipality of Budapest as a consultation platform in 2012 and had a one-year duration. Its primary objective was to increase the inclusion and integration


The so-called LÉLEK is a communal programme aimed at securing residence, improving living conditions, providing psychological aid and establishing a livelihood for homeless people (the word ’lélek’ means ‘soul’ in English). The programme was initiated


There is a renaissance of establishing alternative and temporary community spaces in unused inner city properties in Budapest, for example ruin bars (Lugosi et al., 2010) or community gardens. One of the best examples of
Pupils about migration

For Pupils about Migration

For Pupils about Migration was an intercultural training programme for pupils and students accomplished by Menedék Hungarian Association for Migrants between 1st July 2013 and 30th June 2014. The project aimed at ‘increasing society’s awareness

Glove Factory Community Centre

The Magdolna neighbourhood of Józsefváros is the largest deprived area of Budapest where the educational level of the population is quite low in general. The graduation level of Józsefváros is higher than the Budapest average

One Bit of China

The ‘One bit of China’ is one of the thematic tours of Hosszúlépés[1], an initiative launched by a couple of young Budapest intellectuals. Hosszúlépés is defined as an urban walking project which organises short trips

Leonardo Community Garden

The Leonardo community garden is part of the quite recent Hungarian urban community gardening movement. This civil initiative emerged in the early 2010s and it has several areas in Budapest nowadays functioning as gardens as


The Roma is the largest ethnic minority group in Budapest: their number is at least 19,530 (Hungarian Central Statistical Office, n.d. b), but according to other sources, this figure can reach 75,000 or 80,000 (Morton

Teleki Square

Teleki Square is a public space comprising a traditional open air market and neglected green areas seriously affected by crime in the Magdolna neighbourhood of Józsefváros. During the last two centuries the square has been