Sunday Immigrants’ School

Sunday Immigrant’s School (SIS) fosters social mobility as its main initiative is to provide migrants Greek lessons so that they can better integrate and climb the social ladder in the Greek society. Through its activities,

European Village

The European Village is a non-governmental organisation, functioning as a non-profit organisation, whose aim is to foster societal (non-profit) solidarity economy, bio-cultivation, moral consumption patterns and alternative models of living in eco-communities. The initiative was

Solidarity for All

‘Solidarity for all’ is an organisation seeking to foster networking amongst the various social solidarity structures, which exist currently in Greece. By putting in contact independent solidarity structures, which promote alternative productive methods, health, educational

Reactivate Athens/101 Ideas

Reactivate Athens / 101 Ideas is a research project directed by RA Lab, a joint collaboration of Zurich-based ETH Professors of Architecture Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumper with Greek experts from social geography, architecture and

Migrant’s Integration Council

Migrants’ Integration Councils (MICs)[1] are municipal bodies aiming at ‘reinforcing the integration of immigrants in local societies’ through the ‘investigation of immigrants’ problems’ and the provision of consultative services to the municipal authorities (Law 3852/2010).

The Meet Market

The Meet Market is a non- profit cultural organisation, which aims to foster creativity in the local economy of Athens. It was created in 2007, aiming at promoting the economic performance of the local society,

Neighbourhoods In Action

‘Neighbourhoods in action’ (NIA) was an initiative launched by the Municipality of Athens, the City of Athens Cultural, Sports and Youth Organisation (CACSYO), in collaboration with other state actors, in order to promote the cultural

Migrants’ Social Centre

The Migrants Social Centre (MSC) is a space of encounter and solidarity between Greeks and migrants. Its primary goal is to help migrants integrate in the local society and achieve better living conditions via language


InnovAthens is an innovation and entrepreneurship hub created by the Municipality of Athens, mainly aiming at supporting youth entrepreneurship and enhancing the economic performance of the city. It brings together the Technopolis SA, a municipally-owned

Akadimia Platonos

The resident’s local committee of Akadimia Platonos is a local initiative focusing on the amelioration of the living standards of the residents in the area. The neighbourhood is highly diverse as many inhabitants are of