Initiative for Human Dignity

The primary goal of the Initiative for Human Dignity (Initiativkreis Menschenwürdig – IKMW) is to support asylum seekers in Leipzig by lobbying for small scale, decentralised accommodation in the city. The main claim of the

Working Committee Youth

The Working Committee Youth (AK Jugend) is an area-based network of professionals engaged in street work with deprived teenagers in the large housing estate Leipzig Grünau and thus aims at strengthening both social cohesion and


Different from initiatives and arrangements targeting social cohesion and mobility, the initiatives described in the following section have a common history and belong to common funding and project structures, the EastWORKS (ostWERK). The most innovative

Intercultural Weeks

The Intercultural Weeks (Interkulturelle Wochen, IW) represents a Germany-wide intercultural festival that was launched in the 1970s. In Leipzig, it was first organised in 1992 to celebrate cultural diversity in the city and to support

Campus Grünau

Campus Grünau is a rather unique platform of exchange and common activities for all educational institutions in the district Leipzig Grünau (the only one of its kind in Leipzig). Today, it serves as the connecting

Offices for Senior Citizens

The arrangement Offices for Senior Citizens (OSC) is part of the reorganisation of the seniors work in Leipzig emphasizing area-based, open service and meeting facilities targeted at residents of the respective district. Top-down, the administration

Labour Shop Grünau

The Labour Shop Grünau is a parallel project to the Labour Shop East. The goals and organisational structure is basically the same, funding comes from the same source (BIWAQ programme of the ESF), and the

Network of Community Organisations

Leipzig’s Network of Community Organisations (NoCO, AG Soziokultur) is a city-wide, loose alliance of the seven largest socio-cultural community centres. These are centres, literally houses, which host a variety of groups, associations or volunteers and

Forum Leipzig East

The Forum Leipziger Osten (FLE) was established in 2000 as a discussion and exchange platform accompanying the restructuring process in Leipzig’s inner east. Its normative approach is to be a public meeting point for all

Godparent Programme for Asylum Seekers

The Godparent Programme for Asylum Seekers Arriving in Leipzig (Ankommen in Leipzig) started on 14 February 2014 in cooperation with the administration and the Refugees council (RC), a civic association. The primary goal is to

Guardian Houses and housing projects

Guardian Houses represent a project that responds to problems of maintenance of vacant buildings in Leipzig; it originates from the period of time when Leipzig saw massive housing vacancies up to 20% of the total