Social Cafe

Social Cafés

Social Cafés are places mixing social services and conviviality for ageing migrants: they can come and talk with social workers about their rights and access to welfare (pensions, social housing and healthcare). Social Cafés are

Women in Movement

The Women in Movement initiative is implemented by ADAGE, a small NGO which was created in 2008 to promote the employment of poor women in the 18th district. The Women in Movement initiative aims to

Solidarity Flat-share

The Paris Solidarity Flat-share (Kaps – Koloc à projets solidaires) is one of the first shared accommodations to be implemented in Paris, by the national education NGO, AFEV[1]. Following the ‘theme-based shared flat’ invented by

The Islamic Culture Institute

The Islamic Culture Institute (ICI – Institut des cultures d’Islam) opened in November 2013. It is a two-story building with an exhibition space on the ground floor, a prayer room on the first floor and

Mozaïk RH

Mozaïk RH is a recruiting agency (RH stands for Human Resources, ressources humaines, RH), created in 2008, to promote equal opportunity and diversity. It is a non-profit organisation that advises big companies in their management
Le Cinq Initiative

The 5 Initiative

The 5 is a cultural initiative within the larger artistic centre of the 104 that develops audience outreach in the neighbourhoods of the 19th and 18th district[1]. It consists in offering spaces for artistic practices
Neighbourhood Maintenance

Neighbourhood Maintenance Corporation

The Neighbourhood Maintenance Corporation (Régie de quartier) of the 19th district was created in 2003. It consists in creating jobs in maintenance services (cleaning and gardening) in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Its objective is twofold: creating jobs