Dynamic Change in Leipzig

Over the past 25 years post-socialist era restructuring processes in Leipzig’s Inner East and Grünau neighbourhoods has seen dynamic change as a result of an increasing heterogenization of the residential population. The diversity of the
catering to consumers in athens

Catering to Consumers

One of the main conclusions drawn by the Greek team concerns the problem of how to cater to consumers with different needs in diverse districts. Entrepreneurs raised the issue of how they cope with the
diversity dividends in rotterdam

Diversity Dividends in Rotterdam

Diversity dividends were investigated in Rotterdam’s Fieldwork Entrepreneurs report in relation to how entrepreneurs profit in heterogeneous markets. The Rotterdam team examined the extent to which entrepreneurs profit from local diversity, and whether or not

The Allure of Familiarity

An aspect highlighted by the Copenhagen team is that of diversity in relation to everyday products from afar. Enterprises that target ethnic minority groups, say a clothes shop selling hijabs or a a greengrocer selling
Tallinn second careers

Second Careers in Tallinn

Generally speaking, the entrepreneurs interviewed in Northern Tallinn are well educated regardless of the business field that they operate in. Interestingly, their education is rarely related to their line of activity and many of them

Promoting Diversity in Antwerp

In Antwerp local businesses and organisations have pulled together in an effort to ensure that diversity is seen in a more positive light. Street fairs and festivals with their joviality provide a perfect example. Everyone
Jane and Finch

Second Chances in Toronto

As part of their research, the Toronto team interviewed several entrepreneurs who displayed interesting tendencies in relation to social innovation and creativity. The entrepreneurs ambition was to transform their own personal experiences of disadvantage into

Tiffany Ford

Born and raised in the Jane-Finch community, Tiffany Ford has an authentic perspective of what it means to be labelled as “at-risk” youth. She strives to go beyond the stereotypes and stigma that marginalized people

Happy Home 42

The Toronto team interviewed Cleoni Natacha Crawford as part of their research for Fieldwork Entrepreneurs. Cleoni Natacha provided insight into her various projects, including her first business, C-virtue, a Christian-inspired clothing line for women who
Mr Fresh

Mr Fresh

Mr. Fresh is an entrepreneur and the CEO of his own company, Mr. Fresh World Enterprise Inc.,  developing environmentally friendly air-fresheners. He received the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Identify ‘N Impact Youth