Opsinjoren gives neighbours who want to organise a neighbourhood activity financial and organisational support. To counter the widespread negative discourse about the city, the organisers of the initiative wanted to do something positive by showing

Let’s Go Urban!

Let’s Go Urban! (LGU) is a socio-cultural project that offers youngsters between 6 and 30 years old a yearlong training programme in urban dance, sports, music and choir in the cities of Antwerp, Boom and


BorgerRio is a multicultural street festival organised every year at the Turnhoutsebaan, one of the busiest traffic lanes in the ethnically diverse Borgerhout district. During the event, the motorised traffic in the street is halted


Language*eaR (Taal*Oor)is a conversation group in which volunteers who speak Dutch and migrant newcomers who want to improve their language skills talk together in a group. The three purposes of Language*eaR are: to develop a

Neighbourhood Treasures

The primary purpose of Neighbourhood Treasures (Buurtschatten) is to bring people together on the basis of what they can do, realise and experience together. Neighbours propose activities themselves and Neighbourhood Treasures gives them the financial

Kif Kif Awards

The Kif Kif Awards was an intercultural talent show organised between 2008 and 2011 by Kif Kif, an Antwerp-based socio-cultural organisation that fights against discrimination and inequality. The idea behind this initiative was that there

Toer de Nord

Tour of the North (Toer de Nord) is a street fair organised annually in the ethnically diverse but economically deprived Antwerpen Noord. The primary goal of Tour of the North is to stimulate the economic

City Talk

The purpose of City Talk (Stadsklap) is that people from different cultures get to know each other and their cultures and to create mutual respect amongst each other. Furthermore, another aim is to show immigrants

‘Nuff Said

‘Nuff Said is a cultural programme where people of diverse backgrounds get the possibility to perform on stage. The event takes place seven evenings a year in a cultural centre in Antwerp. The performances include

Are & Are

Are & Are is an ethno-marketing agency that investigates to what extent public institutions or private companies reach diverse audiences. Through fieldwork, Are & Are screens the image that companies or institutions have among ethnic