Highlights Video

Our highlights video from the recent DIVERCITIES: Governing Urban Diversity Conference in Rotterdam is available to watch on our website and on our YouTube Channel. Produced by Hoyinck Photography, the short film captures the positive

Irena Guidikova’s Closing Address

Watch Irena Guidikova’s closing address: Urban policies for diversity advantage – the Intercultural City paradigm. Irena Guidikova is Head of Division, World Forum for Democracy, Intercultural Cities Program.

Rikke with the Local Council of Bispebjerg

Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen continues the dissemination process, this time presenting knowledge from Copenhagen’s DIVERCITIES research to the Local Council of Bispebjerg and other interested actors. It was a public event organised by the council held

Museum of Praga Talk

The Warsaw team will speak next week at the Museum of Praga (in Polish) about the results of their research in the district of Praga. Ewa Olejniczak Korcelli and Filip Piotrowski, both from the Institute

Talking to NIFFO

One of our ideas for the Diversity Mini-Festival was to have booths for each initiatve so that conference visitors could drop by and get to know the work of each initiative informally. The image above

Ruth Fincher’s Keynote

Watch Ruth Fincher Keynote address: “Planning, diversity and equality”. Ruth Fincher is Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Melbourne.

Ümit Kiziltan’s Keynote

Ümit Kiziltan’s Keynote address: Diversity and Immigration: Projections, public anxiety, and choosing inclusion and hope over fear. Ümit Kiziltan is Director General, Research and Head of Evaluation, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.