Diversity Encounters in Berlin

Berlin hosted the Diversity Encounters: Intersectional and Post-Colonial conference. In an effort to move the academic debate and research on diversity beyond the racial and ethnic lens, contributors applied intersectional and/or post-colonial perspective. Papers presented
One World

OneWorld on safari with DIVERCITIES

OneWorld went on safari with DIVERCITIES researcher Anouk Tersteeg in the Feijenoord district of Rotterdam to uncover the positive effects of ethnic diversity, a counter to diversity often being connected to problems.

Urban diversity as an opportunity in Geografie

The May 2016 issue of Geografie features an article considering urban diversity as an opportunity using the Rotterdam case study and the Diverse Cities Educational Programme as examples. The issue also includes a tribute to

Toronto’s Hyper-diversity: Opportunity or Challenge?

Presented by Neighbourhood Change Research Partnerships in collaboration with the University of Toronto and Coach House Books, Toronto’s Hyper-diversity: Opportunity or Challenge? Public Forum took place last night at the Ignatieff Theatre, University of Toronto.

Tiffany Ford

Born and raised in the Jane-Finch community, Tiffany Ford has an authentic perspective of what it means to be labelled as “at-risk” youth. She strives to go beyond the stereotypes and stigma that marginalized people

Happy Home 42

The Toronto team interviewed Cleoni Natacha Crawford as part of their research for Fieldwork Entrepreneurs. Cleoni Natacha provided insight into her various projects, including her first business, C-virtue, a Christian-inspired clothing line for women who